Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's April already!!!

Well the year is passing by quicker than I expected it to. March was a momentous month cause Delaney turned Three. And her mommy had told her than when she's three, they're going to Monkey Business and her passies are going up to the Passie Fairy for her to give them to some deserving little baby.

We all feared that this was going to be so traumatic for Delaney that she'd never recover. She proved us wrong. On her birthday, March 28, mommy and daddy bought helium balloons and tied each of her five passies to three balloons. One by one she "kissed" them good bye and they floated up to the heavens to the Passie Fairy. And that was that. Final, no regrets, done.
The next day, Renee ventured here to Arizona for Spring Break toting Jordyn (the big help), Delaney and Kennedy on the long 12 hour drive. Delaney never asked for her passie, not once. I thought Renee would be bald by time she arrived, pulling every hair out because Delaney would be so distraught. Not the case. So that chapter of child rearing is over for Delaney.
In April, Kennedy turned one year old. My how that year flew by. Everyone comments on how quickly she became a one year old. We had planned to be at her first birthday, an inportant birthday for a child. Can't guarantee that we'll make every birthday, but the momentous ones we'll be there for.
We stayed with a friend, Shirley, on the south end of town because we had lots of preparations to get done for the upcoming wedding in July. Tux fittings, the little girl's dresses, check out the hotel, eat at the Hacienda where we're having our rehearsal dinner. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Seems that a few days before we arrived, a little girl at daycare decided to play "beauty shop" with Delaney. Well, needless to say, every mother's nightmare happened. Little Schuyler cut Delaney's beautiful long blonde hair at least 10 inches. Here's a look.

We didn't realize how thick Delaney's hair was until it was cut. Actually this was just the first haircut. This side was way longer than the other side, so we got it reshaped when I was there. Sorry, a pic will have to come later.
So Ren's idea of Delaney being the flower girl with long curls was nipped in the bud on Tuesday, April 7, 2009. The daycare lady did provide a gift certificate to have it "evened out" so she went to Lollilocks after school that day. A little heartbroken at the extent of the "makeover" she resigned herself to accept the new look.

Well, we arrived on the following Sunday and on Monday saw Delaney's new "do" for the first time in person. I was appalled at how a professional could bugger up a haircut as badly as this one. Come to find out, Lollilocks closed their doors on Thursday following Delaney's haircut. So we scrambled to find a new place to "fix" the "fix". Thankfully we found a place called Sweet and Sassy to redo her hair. The lady was soooo sweet and did a great job. This is where we'll take her for the wedding coif.

Friday at Ren's school there was a Fairytale Ball which we attended. Phil was tied up at work, so Grandpa stepped in and danced with Delaney. She had such a good time and I think that she thinks school is all fun and games. This is her 3rd time she's been to the Fairytale Ball and probably doesn't comprehend that you're at school to learn.

She really got into the dancing pose

Grandpa and Delaney having a dance

Kennedy just glad to be up off the floor

Delaney was really getting into the dancing thing and Kennedy just was happy to be being held by grandpa. And he was a good sport to take on the girls. We did see people there we knew, so he did get to visit a little.


The next day we celebrated Kennedy's first birthday. She was totally unaware of what was going on, just loved all the attention and the people who came to celebrate. Ren's house is very big, but it was crowded with the 30+ people who came for the birthday bash. We actually did a bbq - oh did I mention that it was snowing and raining for two days by then. In Aurora where we stayed, we had at least a foot of snow on the ground. At Ren and Phil's house, it was raining only, the snow had melted. Oh, Springtime in the Rockies. We can almost count on that kind of weather for either Delaney or Kennedy's birthdays every year.

The birthday girl

Kennedy dug right in to her cake. What a cute face.

Kennedy's theme was "Belle"

What a happy little girl

Well, we're back home in Arizona waiting for our new car to arrive. They say it will be here by the end of April, first week of May. Not that we aren't greatful to be driving Jeff's Honda, but our new car (for us) will be very luxurious and we can't wait to figure out all the bells and whistles. Until then...

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