Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Boy Am I Bad At this Blogging Stuff

As you can see, my last entry was after my visit to Colorado last October. Well, since then, we actually went back to Colorado on December 23, 2008 for the holidays. When we arrived, we had a lot of wrapping to do since I shipped everything from Arizona to Colorado. Thought I'd never get done.
We were glad to be there and see everyone. Gar hadn't seen anyone since April when we went to see Kennedy after she was born. What a big change he saw in her from their first meeting. We had a great Christmas. Everyone made it for a delicious prime rib dinner with all the trimmings. Seems to be a Hilton/Bell tradition when we get together. I'm glad it's carrying on from when Gary and I used to host the Christmas dinner.

Delaney looked so cute in her little Christmas dress. She and Kennedy dressed alike. Delaney really couldn't wait for Christmas morning. When asked what she wanted for Christmas, she would tell anyone who would listen that she wanted an Escalade and Kennedy wanted a wagon. Well, they both got their wishes. She was always careful to add "Kennedy wants a wagon" everytime she was asked that question. She's a great big sister and is always looking out for Kennedy.
Wow, an Escalade. And a Pink one at that. What a lucky 2 year old she was this year.

Since this was Kennedy's first Christmas, she didn't have a clue what was going on. But when all the gifts were opened, she was thrilled to have some new toys to play with that were just for her. She did share with her big sister (little or no choice there) and she didn't really car if something was taken away, because there were so many other new ones to choose from. She is our little "72 and sunny" child. Always in a good mood, always smiling, and forever happy. At least that's what Grandma and Grandpa remember.

Well, Christmas came and went and our visit was not over. We were hanging around to babysit for the girls while their mommy and daddy went on a winter cruise to the Caribbean. Wow, what an opportunity. There were about 10-12 in their group and they left on New Year's Day not to return until January 11th.

We had fun with the girls, but it wasn't a cake walk. When you're older, you forget how much work little children are when they are in your charge 24/7. But we managed to get by with only great memories to take home.

You all know me, I experimented with Kennedy's hair and did ponies. How cute is this. She's 8 months in these photos.

Jordyn is back to her beautiful blonde locks again. She experimented being a brunette, but decided that blonde was way more fun. She already has her own car, has her driving permit, and is learning how to drive. Oh goodness, how did she get so grown up.
Well, our next escapade will be in April when we head, once again, to Colorado for Kennedy's first birthday. Hope I can be more timely in my posts, and, until then, we love you all.

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