Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bitter Sweet Moments

Don't take this wrong. I'm very happy we ordered a new vehicle that will have awesome gas mileage. I'm also happy that we sold our Trailblazer to Jeff and Shawna since they needed a larger car to haul their two labs. I'm not regretful that we made this decision - but I love my Trailblazer and had to have one last picture in front of it with Jeff when we exchanged vehicles. I guess it would have been more enjoyable if there hadn't been a delay on our new Venza. But I'm looking forward to finally taking possession of it by the first of May. I'll even take a picture of me in front of it as well so you all can see it. The ads don't do it justice, you just have to see one in person. Ah, bitter/sweet moments in life.

Enjoy the vehicle you two. I know you will miss your gas mileage on Jeff's Honda, but the comfort and space the Trailblazer gives you will make up for that.

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