Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Colorado Bound

Well, I decided to take a little trip to Colorado to check up on the "girls" (all three of them) and the kids. I flew in on Saturday, 10/25 and was met at the airport by Delaney who was so happy to see me, it made my heart melt. She ran across the airport and jumped into my arms. Hadn't seen her since April when Kennedy was born and when you're far away, you wonder if they remember you. Well, she definitely did. I talk with her on the phone when Renee is heading home after teaching and I usually talk with Delaney too. She tells me about her day and then we give the phone to mom so we can talk. But I digress.

On Monday, we picked up Jordyn and went shopping, then back to Renee's house for a sleepover. Tuesday we got up and putzed around and did a little more shopping. Then Jordyn and I headed to Uncle Jeff's house for a few and then to dinner with Scott and Toni at our favorite Greek Restaurant, The Athenian. Sorry folks, no pics of them because I lost my camera the last trip and haven't replaced it yet. Was kinda hoping it would turn up at Ren's house, but it did not. So now I'm looking into a new camera for our next visit.

Wednesday Ren and I took the girls to daycare (since she had to pay anyway even if they weren't there) and had a girl's day out. We ate at PF Changs and marathon shopped. I needed to get some done since we're flying in for Christmas and I can't take presents on the plane due to luggage restrictions. So I was pretty successful for the little girls, and Jordyn gave me a few ideas, along with Toni on her behalf, so I'm good to go.

Friday was Halloween and the girls dressed in costumes. Kennedy was the cutest Witch ever all decked out in orange and black with a witches hat.

Delaney on the other hand, was a beautiful Princess in her dress. We curled her long blonde locks and she totally looked the part.

Kennedy and I stayed home and passed out candy, while Renee and Phil took Delaney out with Baby Nolan next door. It proved to be very fruitful for Delaney, but she soon forgot about eating the candy, which was a good thing.

On Saturday, I spent the day with Shawna and Jeff. We went to Hudson Gardens where they will be married and they showed me around. It’s a beautiful place and will be a great backdrop for their wedding. When the flowers are all in bloom in the summer, it will be breathtaking. They are going to be married in the Rose Garden. Here’s a pic of them when they were in Playa Del Carmen where he proposed.

A little sunburned as you can see

Well Sunday came way too soon and I flew back to Arizona once again, only to return in December for the holidays. Renee and Phil are going on a cruise on January 3 and we will have the girls for that week. Hope Grandma and Grandpa can hold up. But then we’re grandparents and anything goes. Whatever they want, they will get. (Sorry Ren but that’s what we do)

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