Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jordyn and Jasmine are Here

On August 12, Toni and Scott came for a brief visit, bringing Jordyn and her best friend Jasmine for a 3 week total visit. Scott and Toni were here for about 2 full days before they headed back to Colorado. The girls stayed and we had a great time.

We did a lot of things when they were here, movies, bowling, boating, shopping, day trips, shopping, ate out, shopping. Well you get the picture. The first memorable thing we did was head to Show Low Lake with out best friends Larry and Kay. They have this great Party Barge pontoon boat and we love going out on it. It's very relaxing, which isn't what the girls wanted, but they got to swim in the lake. Larry and Kay's granddaughter, Noel was here at that time, so they had fun in the water. Noel was a little hesitant to jump in, but after seeing the girls having such fun, she decided to take a chance.

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Kym said...

Looks like a fun 3 weeks with the girls!! I'm glad you had all that fun! I can't belive Jordyn is getting ready for a car. Is that really has fast kids grow up? :)