Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Kids are here

On August 12, Scott, Toni, Addie and Dottie their twin Schnauzers, Jordyn and Jasmine embarked on a journey to Arizona. Scott and Toni brought the girls to stay with grandma and grandpa for a total of 3 weeks. Their visit lasted only about 2 days and mom and dad headed back to Colorado while the girls stayed on.

On Monday it was "old people" softball day. Scott had brought his equipment and played right along with the old people. They wanted to recruit him and fly him in every Monday and Thursday, but unfortunately, the career took precidence over fun. Gary and Scott had a good time, looking back on the earlier days when they played softball together at Olympic Park in Colorado. Oh the memories. As you can see from the photos above, they both have great form. However, everytime Gary hit the ball, who do you think caught it. That's right, Scott. He was playing right field which is where lefties usually hit. Gary finally gave up the running the bases because he knew that there was no chance. They really had a great time together.

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