Friday, June 3, 2011

Well as you can see from the dates, I have been slacking off on the blogging thing. So here are some random photos of the granddaughters. We had a great time in Colorado for Jordyn's graduation. She will be off to UNC in Greeley in August. She will be studying art and she definitely picked a good major. She is an awesome artist. If anyone has Facebook, you can go to her site thru mine and see some of her fantastic artwork.

Gary will behaving rotator cuff surgey on June 7. He has a complete tear on the right shoulder and the tendons have retracted. Not a lot of fun for him. He's truly missing softball, racketball and other fun things. Hopefully this will eliminate most of his pain. About 6-12 weeks in to his recovery he will have the left shoulder done. Not a complete tear, not all that much pain, but it needs to be fixed. I hope he can handle me being his "nurse".

I continue to do my quilting and it truly is a passion. I'm making baby quilts since we found out Jeff and Shawna are expecting a little "Peanut" in December. Gives me something to strive for. It's so much fun making baby quilts and all the kids will not be needing blankets for a long time.

Enjoy the random shots of the girls. I'll try to be better in the future - but can't promise.

Congrats Jordyn on graduating high school

Jordyn and her best friends after graduation!

Kennedy syling.

Two more days until summer vacation. Let the party begin.

Toodling around in the Escalade

Sisterly love

Earmuffs and TV. What a combo

First try on ice skates.

New dresses from AD.

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