Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving in the White Mountains

Now, if I were really on my game, I'd have taken pictures of the fabulous food we had to eat. Turkey and all the trimmings. Lisa and Kym you put me to shame. Having said that, I'd rather post pics of my granddaughters who were chillin' on the bedroom pullout bed and watching TV. They had a great time at grandma and grandpa's house. Chloe the cat wasn't too sure what was going on and hid away a lot of the time. But after a few days, she warmed up and didn't scamper away when the girls came close to her. But I will say, she's much more calm and content these days with just us in the house. She did check things out after everyone left to be sure everyone was gone, so she could roam at will.
We had a great visit and I got the girls' Christmas shopping done to send back with Ren and Phil. That saved Ren the effort to try to locate gifts from us to put under the tree. I feel really good about this

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