Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Jordyn is coming

Wow, look at me. Keeping up with this blog thing and actually having something to say. Don't know how long this will last, but for now I'm proud of myself.

Talked with Toni yesterday and we decided on July 12 at their arrival date with Jordyn. They will bring her all the way and visit until the following Wednesday. We're glad they decided to come for a visit because we're storing things up for Scott to help us with. Much to his shagrin I'm sure. We're planning on getting a
50" flat screen TV with our stimulus money and need his help installing it. Thanks Scott.

Jordyn will hopefully bring a friend with her to help keep her occupied. We have bikes so they can ride, we'll do movies, bowling, some shopping (not like the big city), bbq and all the summer fun things. We'll do some day trips around here and have picnics. Should be fun. She will be here until August 2 when we will meet them halfway in Santa Fe, NM then head back home. Should be a lot of fun. They haven't been here since December of 2006 for a visit.

Here's a picture of Delaney making cookies with her mommie. Renee thought it was time to get started with the cooking lessons. It's never too early.

Well, we're off to the nursery to get flowers for the deck. Now that it's done being painted, it's time to "decorate". I'll add photos once it's done. Stay tuned.

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