Thursday, August 9, 2007

Busy Summer

The summer started early for us this year. We've had friends and family for months visiting us in our little piece of paradise. On Labor Day, Shirley and two of her Sweet Adeline gals visited us for a couple of days. It was nice seeing them and doing "girl" things. That's the one thing I miss about retirement. The spontaneous visiting of "girl" friends.

In June, we flew to Portland to visit our neice Kim Mathews. I have to say the last name because we have to Kim/Kym neices. We spent three days exploring Portland which is a beautiful city. Lots to do and close by. We ventured to Multnomah Falls and into Washington state and back again. Visited a Lavender Farm, the Falls, a sweet shop, her work, and had dinner at a great Mexican Restaurant.

When we headed to Elkton, we went via the coastal route. It was a beautiful drive with many stops along the say. It's truly a beautiful state. We arrived in Elkton and hit the road running. Jason was getting married in three days and we ladies did the bouquets, boutineers, flower arrangements, food prep for the rehearsal dinner, and getting the Butterfly Pavillion readied on the wedding day. We stayed at a beautiful Inn on the river and enjoyed all their wonderful friends in Elkton.

When we left Oregon, we headed to Denver. Wasn't a planned stop originally, but it worked out well. We drove back to Arizona with Renee and Delaney who were coming for a visit. Renee, Delaney and I drove to California to visit the relatives. G-dawg couldn't give up his old people softball or hikes. Worked out anyway, we had a great time.

Upon returning to Arizona, we spent a few more days, then us girls piled in the car again and headed to Colorado. I spent one day there and turned around a drove with Toni and Jordyn to Santa Fe where G-dawg picked us up and we headed to Arizona for Jordyn's visit.

Glenn and Cathy Buchholz arrived two days later for a short stay on their way home from Heidi's graduation for her Masters. We enjoyed seeing them. They braved it on their motorcycle in the 115 degree Phoenix heat. I don't think they'll be doing that again too soon.

We're waiting on our Utah friends, GB and Alice to arrive for a visit. Our nephew Bryan and his wife Amanda and two girls, Hannah and Sarah, will be here Sunday for 3-4 days. Once September hits, we're headed back to California for yet another wedding. Our neice Kym and her fiance Chris will be married in the Newport Temple on September 7 at 1:00 pm. So all in all our summer has been very busy and full of lots of things to do.

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Kym said...

what a fun update!!! I thought I knew what you'd been up to....little did I know! The blog looks great by the way! Keep it up.
Love you!