Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Girl's Last day

Well, it's Friday, July 31 and I have a nail appointment. My day to primp. Gary decided to take the girls to lunch and to the race track to drive the cars. They seemed to have a blast, at least from the pictures. It's a scary thought to think that they soon will be driving. In fact, while Jordyn was here, Toni called to say that they bought her a car. Yep, her very own car. Toni's dad is a car fanatic and restores old cars. He was at an estate sale and ran across this 1984 AMC Eagle in really good condition. Only 60,000 original miles, interior in great shape, body in good shape, just needed tires and shocks. So Toni's dad bought it and they bought it from him. So now Jordyn is anxious to be 16 so she can drive it. Toni is going to drive it around town to work the bugs out of it since it's probably been sitting for quite a while. Congrats Jordyn.

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